2020 hindsight [pt.1]

Two thousand and nineteen. The end of a decade, and for me, much else. 2019 was the year I endured anastomotic dehiscence, a post-operative complication in which a re-sectioned part of the colon comes apart and the contents of the large intestine empty into the abdominal compartment. I survived the subsequent sepsis and peritonitis, both

Moonlight, Shadows

A lie is halfway around the world before the truth has got its boots on

Mark Twain probably never said this. It’s another case of the Mass Memory Discrepancy Effect, or if you prefer, the Mandela Effect, or still again, cultural mnemohistory (this is my preferred term). It’s strangely ‘meta’ then that the saying describes its own social genesis as a saying. Knowledge spreads, with many loud and knowledgeable people