Social (In)Security under Neoliberalism

The work of Maurizio Lazzarato on ‘the indebted man’ is surprising. I’ve had it lying around for a few weeks and not had to time to dip into it but find myself glad I did so today, as it is helping me piece together more of my wiki page on neoliberalism. The following is a

The Italian Job

Having initiated my most recent and most intense period of study with ‘French Theory’ (the obvious, Foucault, Derrida, Deleuze, Nancy, Sartre, Kojève, Althusser, Badiou, Ranciere) augmented by the Slovenian school of Lacanian psychoanalysis (most manifest in Zizek but also in Zupančič and Dolar) way back in 2006, I have been drawn further and further Left

Laissez-faire IS State Regulation

There is a certain persistence of arguments, just as there is the persistence of a symptom. While ceaselessly making the argument for what our opponents sneer at as a ‘planned economy’, and despite it being planned for equality, universality and justice, we are just as ceaselessly bombarded with the market-liberal claim that we should ‘just

Pocket Badiou

The following is an excerpt from Philosophy for Militants, Badiou’s latest book published in English and translated by Bruno Bosteels as part of Verso’s ‘Pocket Communism’ series.