One may have a Marx-on-Capital, Ollivander-on-Voldemort appreciation of the achievements and greatness of popular culture without this in any way having to constitute a ‘guilty pleasure’. What appeals to us appeals to us for a reason, and often that reason lies precisely in the promise of how much better it might be outside of relations of commodity, in some different system of social mediation.

There is no guilt to be associated with using or consuming the products of capitalism while engaged in co-ordinating its downfall. This is not a moral exercise. Those who complain that the use of technologies like tablet PCs and mobile phones in anti-capitalist organisation is self-contradictory are missing the very point of contradictions and what they are. Contradictions are inherent to capitalism, principally the one between the processes and relations which are generative of value and the potentialities of the human being and human world, including all its technology, prosthetics and telecommunication. Fissures and faultlines in a static edifice generally cause it to eventually give way under its own weight; in a dynamic system however these same fractures allow for periodic restructuring and a cycle of productive crises. Only the most pervasive contradiction can lead to a meta-crisis, a crisis of the critical cycle itself in which its ability to reconsolidate itself is permanently lost. Thus the demise of global capitalism must proceed immanently, through and by the mechanisms of crises and abatement upon which it depends and reproduces itself. The way in which capital reconstitutes and restructures itself through crises must itself be forced to undergo crisis.

Ultimately the question of the provenance of the means used in our struggles must itself become a matter of emancipation–an emancipation of means. Appropriation has always been a tactic in this wider strategy.

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