The name of this website (theriomorphous) was taken from a chapter title in Giorgio Agamben’s book The Open: Man and Animal, which back in 2002 served as an entry point for a resurgent interest in philosophy and particularly the history of philosophical anthropologies. Following this spark of interest I resumed long neglected studies and gained a first class honours degree in Humanities and Philosophy.

More recently I have been working on a Masters Degree in Art History.

This blog is intended as an occasional point of reference and reflection of academic interests, which are multidisciplinary: art and architectural history, progressive politics, theory, anthropology, aesthetics, human geography, psychoanalysis and philosophy.

Update Oct 2019: There was a long hiatus in blogging, as in much else, from late 2018 until recently. This was owing to declining health conditions and a major surgical incident: an operation gone wrong the knock-on effects of which almost took my life. It is only after many months of recovery that I felt able to resume blogging. I am currently on a year-long study leave but intend to complete postgraduate work in the future. My interests and objectives remain identical.

Update Jan 2020: I felt that it would be useful for me to begin to tell (some of) the story of the surgical incidents mentioned above, and so have begun to add some material to a journal (here). The main focus of the blog, however, remains grounded in my academic interests and work.

David J. Smith

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